Scientists develop new way to diagnose cataracts

24th January 2017

There is really encouraging news coming out of Edinburgh’s very own Heriot Watt University today. Scientists there have developed a new way to diagnose cataracts, which on the face of it may not see...

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Eye examinations can uncover signs of brain tumours in children

28th October 2015

Each week around 10 children are diagnosed with brain tumours in the UK. There are many symptoms that could indicate a brain tumour such as headaches, vomiting and difficulty with balance. There are a...

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Signs of cataracts appearing earlier

12th August 2015

There was a worrying article in this week’s Optician Magazine summarising research that has found that patients are developing cataracts at an earlier age. A third of British adults knew someone who...

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Short-sightedness in children must be managed

12th May 2015

A study out this week has found that yet again the rate of myopia (short-sightedness) in young people is on the rise. Now more common between aged 25 and 29 than those aged 55 to 59, with as many as h...

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Blindness feared more than Alzheimer’s

15th December 2014

Research out from the RNIB has found that adults in the UK are more afraid of losing their sight than any other age-related health condition. The survey of over 2000 people found nearly half (44%) fea...

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Could watching TV provide an accurate glaucoma diagnosis?

20th November 2014

Sounds fanciful but recent research has found that watching how the eyes move when someone is watching TV could give an accurate indication of glaucoma and other neurodegenerative conditions. An artic...

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How ageing affects the relationship between the eyes and the brain

07th August 2014

A study in the journal Current Biology goes some way to explain why thinking ability in some people decreases as they get older and the key factor was the loss of ability to process visual information...

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London Eye Pavillion utilising NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope to benefit AMD sufferers

31st July 2014

The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) was launched into orbit in 1990. It was initially flawed as images came back fuzzy however utilising some extraordinarily complex optical calculations, mirrors were us...

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Gene therapy breakthrough could improve sight

19th January 2014

After years of exploration, I was delighted to read that scientists at Oxford Uni have succeeded in restoring the sight in people with a form of degenerative eye disease. Choroideremia affects abou...

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Contact lens specialist symposium 2013

08th October 2013

Cameron Optometry were invited to attend the first CLSS specialist contact lens symposium in London last weekend. World leading experts , and great speakers such as Pat Caroline, Randy Kojima, and Ee...

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