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The Frame Room

Edinburgh’s finest independent eyewear boutique. Featuring an expertly curated collection of design-led, independent names, for those who want to stand out from the masses and step away from the mass produced brands.

Feel good style.

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Welcome to our Frame Room.

A unique shopping experience.

We stock the finest quality frames from specialist, independent designers, not mass-produced high street brands with garish branding on the sides. That means your frame uses the highest quality materials, is ethically produced and is built to last with superb attention to detail and craftsmanship. As well as looking great on, the main job of a frame is to support your lens and ensure you see well out of it, so it should fit like a glove and provide a high level of comfort. We have sourced a range of frames which we believe can tick all these boxes.

Our frames start from £140 for our most affordable options through to £700+ for our bespoke and premium ranges.

Investing in your vision

Glasses are an important investment. You deserve clear, comfortable vision – you need it. Your glasses are the first thing people see when they look at you, so you’re allowed to want to feel great in them. Some people have only one pair of glasses worn everyday with every outfit, for every occasion and only replace them when the fall apart. On average a pair of glasses gets well over 10,000 hours of wear and yet many spend just fractions of a penny per hour of wear and are never happy with the vision, style or comfort.

We believe great glasses are an investment – in your vision and in your appearance and worth investing in quality to look great, feel comfortable and provide outstanding vision.

Before your appointment, have a think about:

  • What’s important to you in a frame
  • Your personal style
  • Colours and styles you like and dislike (we can provide a full colour consultation if required)
  • When you wear your glasses the most (e.g. work, leisure, all day, everyday)
  • If you also require prescription sunglasses (some of our glasses come with an optional clip on sunglasses frame)
  • Budget (finance options and gift vouchers are available)
  • How quickly you need them (some of our frames are handmade to order from Italy or Denmark)
  • Perfect vision

    Although we can source any lens available on the UK market, we’ve partnered with Nikon (well known for their high-end cameras) because of their commitment to quality. Nikon is the only premium lens supplier to exclusively manufacture in the UK, which means total control of the quality and accuracy of the lenses. Nikon is at the leading edge of research and development into lens technology, ensuring you see as well as possible with no compromises.

    Single focus pairs with all premium coatings included start at £195. Latest generation digital design varifocals range from £375 to £600+ for custom-designed tailor made options.

    We’re here to guide you through the process, and ensure you leave with the perfect frame, or frames, for you.

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