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Tear Clinic

Ocular surface disease, or dry eye, occurs when we either have too few tears or, more commonly, when we have enough tears but they are of poor quality.

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This can feel different for everyone but the common symptoms are:
  • dry, tired feeling eyes
  • stinging, burning or gritty sensation
  • red eyes
  • blurry vision that can be variable through the day and when we blink
  • not producing enough tears or having excessively watery eyes.

At the tear clinic

At Cameron Optometry, we have specialist experience in treating ‘dry’ eyes. We see many patients who have suffered with the effects of dry eye for many years and who have tried and failed to relieve their symptoms. We have a specialist Tear Clinic, where we provide ongoing treatment to patients with this uncomfortable condition. Using the many treatments at our disposal, we work hard to find the most suitable management plan for each individual who seeks our advice.

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