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Contact lenses for children

We have extensive experience in fitting children with lenses, even newborn babies requiring medical contact lenses. We’re a specialist in providing Myopia Management contact lenses and are often asked to share our expertise with other optometrists in the UK and beyond.

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Myopia Management

Myopia Management is a way to slow the progression of a child’s short-sightedness using specialist contact lenses or spectacle lenses. We have many years experience in this revolutionary treatment and have seen some impressive results.

Day lenses

Many people come to us because they have been told that they can’t wear lenses for some reason, however we have found that to be true in only a handful of cases. Due to the huge range of lenses we prescribe, we can almost always find a contact lens to suit your requirements.

For children, dailies are often a good option as they don’t require any cleaning each night. Consequently they are very unlikely to cause infection. We have children as young as seven-years-old who cope very well with lenses. We always ensure they feel confident before sending a child home with their new lenses, and review them regularly. This approach has seen our drop out rate as low as anywhere in the country.

Types of lenses

Night lenses

Night lenses, also known as orthokeratology or ortho-k, are a vision correction therapy that provides clear, comfortable vision without the need to wear contact lenses during the day. They are a great option for children as parents can help oversee them and they don’t have to worry about any issues occurring when they aren’t on hand.

Night lenses are ideal for low-mid short-sighted people. They are also especially popular with those involved in sport, as contact lenses can sometimes cause issues if worn by day e.g. in contact sport, and aren’t always suitable for sports such as swimming.

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