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Comprehensive eye examination pricing


Our eye examinations

A comprehensive eye examination at Cameron Optometry includes a state of the art pre-screening assessment in addition to your consultation with the optometrist. During the initial pre-screening assessment your eyes will be imaged with the most up to date scanning equipment. This includes an FDT visual field assessment, advanced digital 3D OCT and Optos California wide angle retinal scan. These tests provide valuable information to check for glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinal problems and other possible issues. They are not only useful on the day but provide essential information for the optometrist to compare to in the future. Your optometrist has instant access to the results of these scans and will discuss them with you as part of your consultation with them. Our optometrists benefit from being highly qualified and seeing limited patient in a day, ensuring they can offer enough time to deal with your needs fully.

In Scotland, the NHS offers a basic eye examination, at set intervals, for all. They are not able to fund the additional pre-screening scanning procedures that we value as part of the eye examination. They do not fund contact lenses or contact lens assessments.


The cost of our comprehensive eye examinations are as follows:

Comprehensive eye examination  

  • Under 60s: If entitled to NHS health care – £52
  • Over 60s: If entitled to NHS health care – £44
  • No NHS entitlement – £89

Contact lens examination

  • Under 60s: If entitled to NHS health care – £82
  • Over 60s: If entitled to NHS health care – £74
  • No NHS entitlement – £119

Download price list for soft contact lenses

Download price list for gas permeable lenses


To give you access to the most comprehensive eye care available in the most cost effective way, we recommend becoming a Vision+ member. Membership includes all eye examinations including specialist screening and out of hours appointments, and gives you a range of discounts including 25% off any glasses as well as a host of other benefits.

Visit Vision+ for further details on all the benefits that comes with being a Vision+ member.

Download price list for additional procedures and tests


We value children’s eye health and feel that they too should benefit from our fully comprehensive eye examination including our state of the art prescreening tests. Therefore we do not charge for our additional non- NHS tests for children in full-time education. This means they can benefit from routine eye examinations at no cost at all.

The NHS does not fund contact lenses appointments for children. Children pay the same price as adults for contact lenses although we often see them at the practice more regularly than adults to provide the very best care for their young eyes. We highly recommend Vision+ for children in contact lenses, and offer this with a 10% discount when a parent is also a member of the Vision+ scheme.


Students in full-time education also benefit from free eye examinations, including all tests we feel are required, regardless of whether these would be covered in a basic NHS eye examination. This includes anyone studying full-time which might include those undertaking a college qualification, an undergraduate degree or a postgraduate degree. As with under 18’s, all students who are contact lens wearers will also receive 10% off their Vision+ membership, which allows them access to many other discounts, for example 25% off all eyewear.