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Introducing Vision+

Looking after your vision matters. It’s not just about what your eyes can see, but what we can see in your eyes. Getting your prescription right is important, but regular examinations can also pick up signs of potentially serious conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, heart problems and diabetes. Caught early enough, these conditions can be treated, but if left undetected they may cause serious problems later on.

We set up Vision+ to provide the highest level of eye care and to bring you exclusive savings as a part of your membership. As a Vision+ patient, there’s a wide range of benefits available to you and to your family.

What’s included in Vision+

Contact Lenses
Family Cover

You only have one pair of eyes, they deserve the best care.

Vision+ cover includes all emergency eye care appointments, even out-of-hours. It also includes regular comprehensive eye examinations using the most advanced technology. Vision+ members have complete peace of mind, knowing we are looking after all their eye care needs.


You’re covered for all consultations including annual check-ups, emergency and out- of-hours appointments. You can take advantage of detailed eye health examinations to check on the general health of your eyes. You will receive the most thorough eye examination performed by a team of vastly experienced, caring optometrists. And of course, we’re available at any other time for specialist advice – just call or email us.


We use the most advanced technology currently available worldwide. This provides us with the most detailed information about your eyes, which in turn means your optometrist can make accurate and timely diagnoses. These assessments will reveal any problems affecting your sight or your health generally and are especially valuable in the early detection of conditions such as glaucoma, age-related deterioration, cataracts, diabetes, high blood pressure or heart problems. We also have specialist technology for conditions such as dry eye and colorimetry.

Contact lenses

We offer competitive pricing on contact lenses and we constantly check our prices against other sources including online to make sure you get the best value.As a Vision+ member you will receive an additional 20% off these already competitive prices.

If you lose or damage your disposable lenses we’ll replace those for free. If you simply need a couple of extra disposable lenses for any reason, then we’ll also provide those for free. And if you want to try out new designs, materials or lens upgrades, you can do – that’s free too. On top of this we’ll replace any lost or damaged non-disposable lenses, like custom soft lenses or gas permeable, for just 50% of the cost.


As a Vision+ member, you’ll receive 25% discount whenever you buy new glasses including sunglasses, free accidental damage cover where we replace like for like lost or damaged glasses, for just 50% of the cost. Better still, we offer a fee-free, interest-free payment scheme for all glasses purchases. Once you’ve collected your new glasses, you can return to us any time for free maintenance or adjustments, or for discounted repairs.

Terms apply so please visit or ask in the practice for details.

Family cover

You’ll save even more when your family members sign up as well. We offer a 10% discount for everyone from the same household who joins Vision+, so you can all enjoy the membership benefits for less. All children receive the same comprehensive eye care as their parents. All scans and pre-screening tests are included so you can have complete peace of mind, knowing your child’s eyes are in safe hands.

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