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Contact lenses

We are specialists in contact lenses, from standard prescriptions to complex conditions, we are passionate about lenses and believe, in many cases, they can have a life-changing effect.

Our team of expert optometrists continue to be the most knowledgeable in the country regarding specialist contact lenses, and with over 200 lens types available, we are confident that we will find a lens to suit you.

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Types of lenses

Due to the huge range of lenses we prescribe, we can almost always find a contact lens to suit your requirements. We prescribe hundreds of different types of lenses so will find one to suit your specific requirements.

Contact lenses for children

Many adults would consider contact lenses to be a lifestyle essential and there is no reason children shouldn’t experience the same benefits. We prescribe children as young as seven with lenses. There are numerous options, with night lenses being especially effective for younger children.

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Care for specialist eye conditions

In the Lothian region, NHS contact lens care is provided on behalf of the hospital eye service, by local optical practices, including Cameron Optometry. Patients are regularly referred to us by the Princess Alexandra Eye Hospital, to provide specialist contact lenses.

Adults with complex eye conditions

Keratoconus patients

Specialist contact lenses for babies

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