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for Children

Caring for young eyes

It is important for children to have their eyes examined by an optometrist or optician at least every two years from pre-school. Even if you haven’t noticed any issues with their vision, our high tech equipment gives us the most accurate picture so we can catch any potential problems early on and often correct them.  Eye examinations for children are free of charge.

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Myopia Management

Myopia is the medical term for short-sightedness, when the eyeball is too long or too powerful, causing objects in the distance to look blurred. Generally once you have myopia (short-sight) your prescription declines over time, in particular during childhood as the eye grows.

Myopia management allows us to slow this progression of short-sightedness, meaning when a child reaches adulthood they will not have to rely on a strong prescription, and in turn they are reducing their child’s chance of developing serious eye conditions in later life.

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A fun and interactive experience for them,

peace of mind for you

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Eye exams

We perform a wide range of tests which are all tailored to the age of your child, providing them with a fun, interactive experience and providing you with peace of mind. A child should visit the optometrists at least every two years from their pre-school year, sooner if you think there might be an issue.

Eye care

Our high tech equipment gives us the best possible chance of detecting issues early on, so the condition can be managed and in many cases reversed. Our team of specialist optometrists all have vast experience in providing the highest level of care to children from birth.


We have frames to suit all ages and tastes, from the flourishing fashionista to the sporty teen and from the young princess to the aspiring superhero. We will ensure the transition to glasses is a fun one. Sometimes wearing glasses is a temporary measure to redress an issue, sometimes children will need vision correction for the rest of their lives.

Ask about our two for one offer on children’s frames – always handy to have a spare.

Contact lenses

Many adults would consider contact lenses to be a lifestyle essential and there is no reason children shouldn’t experience the same benefits. We have extensive experience in fitting children with lenses, even newborn babies requiring medical contact lenses. We’re specialists in providing Myopia Management contact lenses and night lenses, and have patients as young as seven successfully wearing them.

Vision Therapy

Untreated visual issues can cause headaches, blurry vision and sore eyes, print may appear to move or jump around the page, missing or skipping, of words and avoidance of reading. If using vision is difficult, it can lead to poor visual memory and long term memory, difficulties copying from board or book, short attention span, messy handwriting and poor hand eye coordination.

Optometric vision therapy is designed to improve the efficiency and performance of the visual system and enhance visual skills, retraining and strengthening the brain’s connection with the eyes. Training the brain to see well.

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Frames for children

It is so important that children are excited with their new frames. With that in mind we’ve sourced a range of glasses children of all ages love. From babies to teens. Ask about our two for one offer on frames – always handy to have a spare.

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