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Our examinations

Each part of the comprehensive eye examination that we provide is included to give us essential information regarding your vision and health. We provide a comprehensive eye examination as standard. We believe all eye examinations should include in-depth scans using the highest quality technology available on the market to ensure we have the best picture of your eye health and vision.

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Using advanced technology our pre-screeners will perform an assessment of your peripheral vision which checks for glaucoma and other conditions affecting the optic nerve. They will also take a series of digital images of your eyes. The OCT scanner looks in depth through structures of your eyes such as the optic nerve and the layers of the retina, underneath the visible surface of the eye. This scan produces images in even greater detail than an MRI scanner. Our Optos California scanner shows up to 97% of the retina in one image, we are one of few optometrist in Scotland to use the world’s most detailed retinal scanner.

With your optometrist

Your optometrist will take time to get to know you, your general health and your family history. All this information helps us build a picture of your eye health, which also allows us to foresee any issues that you may face and advise accordingly. Our care is focused on preventing issues before they arise. In addition, we’ll get to know the demands on your vision, your lifestyle and hobbies, which will inform any recommendations we may make.

Using the most advanced technology available, we will perform a series of prescreening tests, to examine your eye health. The findings of these will then be shared and discussed when you meet your optometrist. At this stage we will also examine how well you see. All tests can be adapted taking into account age, ability and any anxieties, to ensure it’s a relaxing experience for all.

You should leave feeling reassured that you have had a thorough eye examination and with a clear understanding of your own eyes, both in terms of vision and eye health.

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