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Visiting the practice - hygiene measures

Hygiene measures

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made some changes to help manage the outbreak. We already have incredibly high hygiene standards and have now added additional measures and protocols. Please feel reassured we are taking all the precautions we feel necessary to safeguard our patients and staff. 

Before you visit

  • Patients may only visit the practice if they have an appointment. This includes patients collecting items such as spectacles, contact lenses and solutions. 
  • Please do not visit the practice if you are showing any signs of COVID-19, even if you have not been diagnosed. Please also avoid the practice if you have come into contact with anyone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days. 
  • Patients are encouraged to wear face masks when they are within 2 metres of a member of staff, such as during an eye examination or when glasses are being fitted. If you do not have a face mask, we can provide one to you on arrival. 
  • Please use the hand sanitiser on entering the practice. In addition, patients are encouraged to wash their hands in the basins situated in all examination rooms. 
  • Toilet facilities are available if required however, we would discourage the use of these as we are required to deep clean them after every use. If you do require to use the toilet during your visit, a member of staff will provide you with access.  
  • We are making every effort to minimise the number of people in the practice at any one time, so ask that you come to the practice alone where possible. Obviously where a child is being seen or you have a specific need for a chaperone, we appreciate this will not always be possible.  
  • Only bring essential items to the practice and avoid bringing items such as large shopping bags.  
  • Please do not arrive early for your appointment. If you would rather wait outside or in your car until you can be seen, please come to the main door a couple of minutes before your appointed time. 
  • Patients should advise if they are shielding or vulnerable. A separate entrance is available for those patients who will be taken straight to their appointment in the fourth examination room, based in the basement so they do not need to enter the main body of the practice and will only see their optometrist during their visit. 
  • Patient information will be updated when making the appointment by phone or email to minimise time in the waiting area. 

In the practice

  • All normal infection control procedures will be adopted throughout the practice. This will include infection control measures throughout the examination – hand hygiene and decontamination of all reusable surfaces and apparatus.
  • All re-usable apparatus will be disinfected after use.
  • Single use disposable apparatus will be used whenever possible.
  • Every effort has been made to ensure that social distancing is possible throughout the practice, spacing out the waiting area and limiting numbers of people (staff and patients) in the practice. 
  • All rooms will be adequately ventilated. 
  • Aerosol generating ocular procedures such as NCT and the use of an Alger brush and some blepharitis treatments are not permitted.
  • Appointments will be spread out to avoid patients crossing paths where possible and to allow enough time for thorough cleaning of clinical areas and more frequent cleaning of communal areas.
  • Tissues will be available throughout the practice to allow patients to cover their nose and mouth should they need to cough or sneeze. Pedal bins are available for safe disposal of tissues. 
  • The practice will keep a record of all individuals who enter the practice each day, to assist the Test and Protect scheme if required.


  • All frames will be disinfected after handling before returning them to the display stock.
  • Frames will be adjusted to fit at dispensing to minimise contact time at collection.
  • Frames can be posted out, or collected from outside the practice if the patient prefers. 
  • All collections will be by appointment only to control numbers within the premises.
  • Payments will be taken by contactless payment where possible. As some patients will need to use the keypad, the card machine will be cleaned after handling. Cash payments will not be accepted. 

Our team

  • All staff undertook additional specialist infection control training in June 2020.
  • PPE equipment will be worn by members of staff as required, should social distancing by unachievable. 
  • All practice staff are aware of the symptoms of COVID-19 infection (currently defined by the UK government as a new continuous cough, a high temperature, loss of or change in sense of smell or taste; see NHS Inform for more details).
  • Staff will go through the same daily COVID-19 health checks to ensure they are symptom free and do not attend the practice should they have any symptoms associated with COVID-19. 
  • Staff will adhere strictly to self-isolation guidelines as outlined by the government.
  • In addition, many other internal measures and protocols are in place regarding practices employed in the practice. 

We have prepared this video for you to view prior to visiting the practice so you can see what to expect.

We hope you find this reassuring. If you would like to discuss anything prior to, or after your visit, please get in touch.