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Emergency eye care

We encourage patients to make us the first port of call regarding any eye care issues. We know your eyes and have the technology available to give you to necessary examination.

We are also keen to ensure we alleviate pressure on the NHS where possible. Whether or not you are a patient or not, you can access our NHS funded emergency eye care, as long as it is in practice opening hours. We can only provide emergency out-of-hours eye care to current patients of Cameron Optometry.

Emergency eye care within practice opening hours:

If your emergency occurs during normal working hours (Monday – Friday 9am-5.30pm) then please call us on 0131 225 2235. One of our team will take your details and ask you a series of relevant questions. You will then be directed to an optometrist who will be able to advise. A phone call is preferable to an email to ensure that it comes to the immediate attention of our team. If you are not a patient of Cameron Optometry, we recommend you contact your own optometrist or wherever you had your latest eye exam as they will have your history and details already and are best placed to provide you with ongoing care.

Once we have assessed you symptoms, it may well be that you don’t need to come into the practice, and we are able to advise on the phone/video call. If we need to see you, we will offer you an appointment at an appropriate time. Emergency eye care is available during normal practice opening hours for anyone who needs to access it, however we always advise making your own optometrist your first port of call as they know your eyes best.

Emergency care for patients out with opening hours:

If your eye care emergency occurs out with practice opening hours, then please call the practice on 0131 225 2235 where you will hear a voice message with mobile phone numbers for our on-call optometrists. Call that number and leave a message with your details and symptoms and the on-call optometrist will return your call. If they are unable to return your call, please contact NHS 111 for further advice.

We are able to triage your emergency by phone, using video call where required, and advise whether you need to be seen or provide you with advice and treatment by phone. Unfortunately we are only able to assist patients registered with the practice out-of-hours. If you aren’t a patient of the practice, we recommend you contact your own optometrist if you face an eye care emergency during this time or NHS 111 if they are closed.  

Emergency eye care at a local hospital:

We are always keen to ensure we are the first port of call for eye care emergencies to alleviate pressure on the NHS, and because we have the expertise and equipment to diagnose and treat most emergencies. In the unlikely event that we cannot see you, you can phone the minor injuries clinic at the Western General Hospital (WGH) on 0131 537 3481 between 8am and 8.30pm, or after that call NHS 24 on 111 for further advice. The minor injuries clinic at WGH have limited equipment so ask you to call them for advice before presenting to the clinic.

The Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion is closed during evenings and weekends and does not have a walk in service. Patients will be turned away if they present without a referral from an optometrist or GP.

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