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Cameron Optometry becomes only Scottish practice with five independent prescribing optometrists 

Cameron Optometry becomes only Scottish practice with five independent prescribing optometrists 

Posted on 27th February 2020

Cameron Optometry’s longest-serving optometrist, Heather Grandon, has completed her Independent Prescribing qualification with an impressive 95% in her final exam. Heather joins our other four optometrists, Ian Cameron, Gillian Bruce, Claire Keith and Rebecca Daly, who already hold the qualification. This makes Cameron Optometry the only optometrist in Scotland, and quite possibly the UK, to have five prescribing optometrists.

The Independent Prescribing qualification allows optometrists to prescribe medication from the practice, for example antibiotic eye drops, meaning patients do not need to visit their GP with any eye conditions. As well as being able to prescribe treatment, Heather has gained an even more in-depth understanding of how existing medication a patient may be taking, can impact on their eye health and vision, and is able to look out for potential complications. 

The team’s passion for eyes means they have a genuine desire to continually improve, gain further experience and continue to learn. There is always someone in the practice with their head in their books or reading the latest research, which we hope gives patients great reassurance when they visit. As well as a reminder that all emergency appointments are included in your Vision+ membership, so always get in touch with us first if you have an issue with your eyes. 

About Heather Grandon

Heather is one of the longest serving members of the Cameron Optometry team having arrived at the practice in August 1994. Her commitment over the last two decades has allowed her to provide the highest standards of care, while forming lasting relationships with her patients and their families. In addition, her extensive knowledge and expertise make her an invaluable support to our new patients, as they join the practice.

Heather works with a very broad spectrum of patients, from carrying out routine eye exams, to providing highly specialised contact lens fittings. Heather has worked in partnership with the Lothian Hospital Eye Service for over 20 years, in particular fitting a wide range of specialist complex medical lenses for hospital patients. This work has allowed Heather to develop her specialism in medical and complex contact lens fitting, especially for keratoconus and post corneal grafting. She is also one of just a handful of optometrists in Scotland experienced in the moulding and fitting of prosthetic shells. She is regularly visited by those who have failed to find solutions to their complex conditions and her expertise in specialist contact lenses has a life-changing effect some patients.

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