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We’re thrilled to share the news that we are soon to have a new member of our team here at the practice. Highly regarded optometrist Eleanor Leech will join the practice later this month. Joining as our ninth optometrists, meaning we will have over 200 years of optics experience in our team!
We feel very privileged to attract such talented optometrists to the practice and Eleanor is no exception. Having graduated in the early 90’s in Cardiff, Eleanor has continued her studies ever since. She has a specialist interest in myopia so will make a great addition to our Myopia Management team. In addition, she, like the rest of the team, holds the independent prescribing qualification, meaning the practice now has more independent prescribers than any other practice in the whole of the UK, something we are very proud of.
Like Ian Cameron, Eleanor has optometry in the blood. She is the fourth generation of optometrist and worked in her family practice, Trotters on George Street, from the late 90’s. The practice was a well regarded, independent practice, one we had always admired, due to their commitment to excellence both in optometry and dispensing. Black & Lizars bought Trotters some years ago, and since then, Eleanor has continued to work with her long-standing patients. With Trotters George Street practice closing in March, Eleanor felt it was time to move on and we are delighted to have her.
Eleanor’s regular days will be Mondays and Tuesdays. Alongside this, she is set to join the myopia research group at Glasgow Caledonian University for an exciting project investigating the effect of light on the development of childhood myopia.
Away from optics Eleanor enjoys running so will fit in well with our active team. She also enjoys pottering in her garden so we will tap into her expertise as we continue to cultivate our own vegetable patch! A keen pianist, she also loves holidaying in Scotland with her family.
As a refresher, here is the team of optometrists at the practice:
🔹Ian Cameron, managing director
🔸Alexandra Young, clinical lead, special interest in paediatric eye care
🔹Gillian Bruce, special interest in myopia management
🔸Heather Grandon, special interest in complex eye conditions and prosthetic lenses
🔹Claire Keith, specialist interest in medical retina and surgical co-management
🔸Rebecca Daly, special interest in glaucoma, along with optical education and training
🔹Emma Drewery, behavioural optometrist, heads up vision therapy and sports vision clinics
🔸Eleanor Leech, special interest in clinical research
🔹Cirta Tooth, (sessional), heads up the low vision clinic
We are able to welcome new patients to the practice at the moment. To book an appointment, please contact us on 0131 225 2235 or email [email protected].
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