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Eye care advice

The benefits of Omega-3

A healthy diet is essential for good eye health. Foods rich in vitamins and nutrients including vitamins A, C and E, zinc, lutein and zeaxanthin are important, as is Omega-3.

Who should take Omega-3 supplements?

We recommend anyone with significantly dry eyes should try the supplements for a three-month period but the benefits of the supplement are so wide ranging that virtually all Westerners will benefit in some way from taking Omega-3 oils.

Which supplement should I choose?

Not all fish oils are created equal. The two key oils to look for in your supplement are EPA and DHA which are the active varieties of Omega-3 oil. Research recommends consuming at least 2000mg (combined) of these two particular oils per day. Other Omega-3 oils have not been shown to be effective. It is important the oil is in ‘triglyceride’ form to increase absorption and effectiveness.

If the product doesn’t state this then assume it is not in triglyceride form.

We recommend and stock Omega Eye which meets these criteria. Other brands such as Nordic Naturals, Wiley’s and Carlson also make high quality Omega-3.

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