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In Scotland, we are fortunate that all children receive Pre-School Orthoptic Vision Screening (POVS) the year before starting school. These are helpful tests promoting early detection of vision problems in children, including a sight test (a test of how well your child can see), as well as identifying issues like a squint or a lazy eye. 

They provide a great indicator of whether your child has an issue, however a full eye examination is also recommended, especially where there is a family history of eye problems or strong prescriptions. In an eye examination, full pre-screening will take place, including scans, measuring the eyeball (helpful for diagnosing short-sight as a child grows), measuring for astigmatism, measurement of any prescription, measuring how the eyes see together, colour vision test, as well as discussing any concerns, medical history and family history of eye conditions. 

We recommend a child has both the POVS test, as well as visiting an optometrist before starting school. Children’s eye examinations are free of charge, including scans and other tests which may be required. We don’t use eye drops as a matter of course and generally children find the experience a lot of fun in a very relaxed setting. 

If you have any concerns about your child’s vision or would like to find out more about eye examinations, please call us on 0131 225 2235. Find out more about our eye examination here. 

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