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We love technology! We think, used in the right hands, it can be of huge benefit to our patients, often with a life-changing result. Some of our patients are very curious about our pre-screening tests, others less so. Either way, we thought we’d run a series of posts about our ‘kit’ so you can understand the benefits of the tests we perform.

First up, our latest piece of technology, the MYAH. The MYAH, is a machine which measures the length of the eye, allowing us to better manage children with myopia (short-sightedness). At each eye exam, a child will have measurements taken, whether they have issues with their vision or not. These measurements will be repeated annually (or more frequently if the child is already short-sighted). Any changes in the measurement will allow us to immediately identify whether short-sighteness is present, and importantly whether it is progressing and if so how quickly. This will allow us to suggest an informed treatment plan to parents should their be an opportunity to slow the progression of short-sightedness through myopia management.

In addition, MYAH allows us to build a comprehensive picture for those with dry eye, using a number of assessment tools, again to ensure the most appropriate treatment plan.

So yes, we are absolutely thrilled to add this technology to our suite. Feel free to ask about the tests we perform, we are always delighted to chat about our technology.

Find out more about myopia management here, or ask for an information booklet when you’re next in the practice.

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