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COVID-19 advice

COVID-19 advice

Posted on 09th March 2021

This page will have our latest information on the care we can provide during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can also find information on our Facebook page.

LATEST UPDATE: Tues, 9 March, 2021

We are operating as normal 

Following the Scottish Government’s advice regarding enhanced lockdown measures, we would like to reassure patients that we remain open. The Government has specifically requested that we remain open for routine eye care, and we continue to prioritise those requiring ‘essential eye care’ as well as offering phone and video consultations, having invested in the latest technology to allow us to do this very effectively.

We want to reassure patients that in addition to the stringent hygiene measures we already have in place, in light of the new strain of the virus, we have added additional measures for the safety of our patients and staff. To reduce the number of people in the practice, we have reduced capacity further, so you may experience slightly longer waiting times to get an appointment. We reserve some appointments for emergencies only, so you can always be seen quickly when required.

If you already have an appointment, this booking is still in place and you can attend as planned. However, if you would like to reschedule your appointment for any reason or prefer a remote consultation by phone or video, please let us know as soon as possible and we can rearrange this.

If your recall is due now, there may still be some delay until the backlog has been cleared but you can always contact us if you are having a more urgent problem and require sooner review.

Visiting the practice

Please familiarise yourself with the new hygiene measures we have in place prior to visiting. In particular, please note that you must have an appointment to visit the practice. As mentioned, we are reducing the number of people in the practice at any one time so where possible, we would also appreciate it if patients come to their appointments alone. 

Rest-assured that all our PPE is NHS-approved and we continue to adhere to their strict guidelines, combined with our highest clinical standards, to ensure we safeguard our patients and staff. As frontline healthcare workers, the staff at the practice have begun receiving their vaccinations which we hope will provide additional peace of mind when you visit.

Our fourth consulting room can be sectioned off in our basement for those who are at particular risk and have previously been shielding. Please advise when booking your appointment if you have been shielding and feel you require to be seen in this room.

Emergency eye care

It is crucial we play our part to avoid putting added pressure on the NHS at this time, so please continue to make us your first port of call in an emergency. As always, we are available during working hours, as well as out-of-hours, for any patients requiring emergency eye care. As mentioned, we will continue to offer phone and video call consultations, and will only book you an appointment in the practice if we feel it is necessary. 

Contact lens orders

Contact lens orders will still be processed in the usual way. If you anticipate requiring additional contact lenses in the coming weeks, please get in touch as we are keen to ensure you do not have any break in your supply of lenses. 

Dispensing glasses

Using appropriate PPE, we are able to dispense, fit and repair glasses as normal. Our full frame selection is available to view as previously and our normal glasses service is back up and running. Just call us if you need any adjustments or some new frames.

Emergency and essential eye care

These patients will continue to be prioritised and appointments are reserved each day for any patients requiring to be seen urgently. Emergency and essential eye care includes:

  1. Patients we consider to be emergencies, such as those who experience a change to their vision or have a specific issue that we feel requires urgent investigation.
  2. Patients who would not normally be considered to be emergencies, but where, in our view, a delay in an examination may be detrimental to your sight or wellbeing (called ‘essential care’).
  3. Patients who are due to be seen for a review of a specific issue (not a routine check up) and where in our view review is ‘essential’.
  4. Patients with any other issues classed as an ‘essential situation’. This might include where you have lost or broken your glasses or contact lenses and require a replacement to function.

As always, if you have any new concerns and think you would benefit from being seen, please get in touch. 

We appreciate the unwavering loyalty of our patients, now more than ever. And we pass on our very best wishes to all our patients at this time and hope to see you back in the practice soon. 

Phone: 0131 225 2235


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