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Compared to spectacles, contact lenses can offer far superior vision for a range of eye conditions, with numerous options available for those with complex requirements. Our team of expert optometrists continue to be the most knowledgeable in the country regarding specialist contact lenses, so are able to offer our patients a diverse range of the very best products. Always ensuring we prescribe patients with the most comfortable lenses, allowing for longer wearing times and providing the best possible vision.

In the Lothians, the NHS has referred patients to Cameron Optometry for over 30 years, so patients have access to these specialist lenses. However, recently NHS Lothian made changes to the hospital contact lens scheme and, while they continue to provide contact lenses for those who need them, they now only offer a limited range.

While we endeavor to fit contact lenses through the NHS scheme in the most cost effective way for our patients, we also realise how important your contact lenses are when you rely on them on a daily basis. Moving forward, if there are lenses that are not funded by the NHS that could be better for you, you may now opt to pay for them privately as part of our Vision+ eye care membership scheme.

Vision+ gives you access to unlimited appointments, trials of the newest lens technologies, an unlimited range of contact lenses and numerous discounts on spectacles and other products. You can enjoy these benefits while still attending your NHS eye department. Should you opt into Vision+, you should continue to attend your hospital appointments and we will ensure your consultant is kept informed of your contact lens wear and related eye health.

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