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The most advanced technology currently available worldwide


We use the most advanced technology currently available worldwide. This provides us with the most detailed information about your eyes, which in turn means your optometrist can make accurate and timely diagnoses. These assessments will reveal any problems affecting your sight or your health generally and are especially valuable in the early detection of conditions such as glaucoma, age-related deterioration, cataracts, diabetes, high blood pressureor heart problems.

Some of our technology includes:

Daytona scanner by Optos

Provides ultra-high resolution retinal imaging, capturing an Optomap in seconds.Five times more retina visible, capturing 80% of the retina in one image,including the outer edges of the eye. Rules out numerous issues including retinal diseases, diabetes and retinal detachment or tears.

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FDT Frequency Double Technology by Zeiss

Fast and effective test of visual field (peripheral vision), a key indicator to rule out glaucoma.

Humphrey Field Analyser by Zeiss

World’s gold standard in visual field equipment, used for detailed glaucoma investigation and monitoring, as used in hospitals.

OCT (Optical Coherence Tomographer) by Topcon

Produces a wide-angle high-resolution fundus image in a split second allowing us to rule out macular degeneration and glaucoma.

Corneal topographer by Medmont

Provides exceptional accuracy for the mapping of a patient’s cornea, essential for contact lens fitting. Also identifies conditions affecting the surface of the eye.

Slit Lamp by Topcon
Used in conjunction with a biomicroscope, it provides a microscopic exam of eyelids, sclera, conjunctiva, iris and cornea,using a high intensity light source.