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Tear Clinic Pricing Information

In Scotland the NHS eye examination covers a basic first line dry eye assessment but where this is ineffective, specialist assessment and treatment must be paid for privately.

The initial consultation is £160 and takes about an hour. Depending on your recommended treatment plan, you can then either choose to pay each time you visit, or alternatively due to the ongoing nature of dry eye problems, many choose to join our Vision+ care plan. Vision+ is the best way to ensure optimum care for your eyes and for us to be able to review your eyes appropriately ensuring the best results.

Vision+ for dry eyes costs from £16 per month and includes:

  • All appointment fees
  • Unlimited appointments with your optometrist at the dry eye clinic
  • Unlimited appointments with the dry eye technician
  • Unlimited deep cleans of the eyelids and lashes
  • Unlimited scans and imaging of your eyes
  • Discounted prices on eye drops and cleaning products
  • All the other benefits of Vision+ including discounted prices on contact lenses and 25% of spectacle lenses and frames.
  • **Punctal plugs are not included but are provided and fitted on a three monthly on-going basis. The cost of Vision+ for dry eyes including punctal plugs is from £30 per month.

For those who opt out of Vision+, any subsequent follow up appointments would be charged from £55 per visit. Three monthly replacements of punctal plugs costs £105 per visit including the replacement plugs.

How to make an appointment at the Tear Clinic 

To make an initial appointment please contact the practice on 0131 225 2235 or e-mail on [email protected].

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