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Cameron Optometry at the Commonwealth Games

03rd December 2013

The success of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games was obvious on the sports field but extended behind the scenes too. Having the privilege to be in the athletes village myself I was overwh...

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Winners – UK Practice of the Year 2013-14

28th November 2013

To our delight, and due entirely to your votes, we are pleased to announce that Cameron Optometry is the 2013-14 UK Practice of the Year! Most of you will be aware that we have been drumming up suppor...

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Glaucoma Buddies

29th October 2013

As part of their continuing work the international Glaucoma Association (IGA) http://www.glaucoma-association.com/ recently launched a buddy scheme to provide support to people due to undergo la...

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Contact lens specialist symposium 2013

08th October 2013

Cameron Optometry were invited to attend the first CLSS specialist contact lens symposium in London last weekend. World leading experts , and great speakers such as Pat Caroline, Randy Kojima, and Ee...

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Smartphone app for eye tests

27th August 2013

My first mobile phone made calls, sent about 200 characters of text and weighed enough that to use the term mobile was a slight exaggeration. My most recent phone looks like it might be able to downl...

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Hidden benefits of contact lenses

23rd July 2013

With yesterday officially being the hottest day of the year so far, and dare I say it, the good weather predicted to last into August, It is perhaps the first summer in many that we have had to think ...

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The cornea…but not as we knew it

09th July 2013

Patients often tell us that at each visit we unveil some new exciting gadget or piece of technology for investigating the health of their eyes. It seems like that to us too! In this ever changing tecn...

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Glaucoma Simulator App

18th June 2013

If you would like to appreciate for yourself the impact that Glaucoma can have on your vision then there is now a clever App that can simulate the progressive visual loss that can be caused by Glaucom...

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Not to be outdone – Luke Scott Cameron

17th June 2013

A full 2.5 weeks early and only 3 days after his new cousin Anna, Ian is proud to announce the arrival of son number 2, Luke Scott Cameron at 6.34pm on 14th June 2013. The whole thing was a bit of a...

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Anna Van Der Merwe

12th June 2013

We're pleased to say my sister and fellow CamOpt Director, Lorna Van Der Merwe (nee Cameron but she married a South African), has had a little girl - Anna. Lorna is such a trooper that she was in work...

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