Edinburgh's first dry eye clinic launches at Cameron Optometry | Cameron Optometry
Edinburgh’s first dry eye clinic launches at Cameron Optometry

Edinburgh’s first dry eye clinic launches at Cameron Optometry

Posted on 21st November 2019

We have vast experience in treating ocular surface disease, known as ‘dry eye’ disease or ‘watery eyes’ and have now created a specialist clinic for those suffering with the condition. So many people visit us having hit a brick wall, fearing that they must just live with the discomfort associated with the condition. We do not believe this should be the case. At our Tear Clinic we use the many treatments at our disposal, working to find the most suitable management plan for each individual who seeks our advice.

Few optometrists in the area provide the comprehensive approach you will find at the Tear Clinic, so please do spread the word to anyone you know who may be suffering from the discomfort associated with the condition.

Visit dedicated section on the site to find out exactly what you can expect at the Tear Clinic.

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