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Earlier this month the trio of Lesley, Gill and Amy jetted off to Paris on a trend-finding mission. The SILMO eyewear show is where the world’s eyewear brands gather to showcase their latest designs.

So what are the trends you can expect to see in 2019?  

Lenses: Cocktail tints

Coloured lenses have featured heavily in sunglasses in the last five years. Prescription glasses are now following suit. A number of brands are using very light tints which are suitable for indoor wear. A variation of these are the graduated pale pastel coloured tints, which are darker at the top than at the bottom of the lens. Choose from pinks, blues, yellows and greens. A subtle tint but one that creates a quirky finish.  

Colour: Rose gold and olive green

Rose gold has been hot in interiors and jewellery for a couple of years now and eyewear is now embracing the warm metal. Garrett Leight is leading the charge with their classic metal rims.

Acetate loving brands, like French artisan brand, Anne et Valentin and Californian designers SALT, move from teals to olive greens, such a complementary colour for many skin tones. Creams and whites are also set to feature as we near the summer months.  

Frame: the single high bar

The 2018 double bar, is largely being replaced by one bar, but losing the nose bar, leaving a high bar to accentuate the eye line. Clean lines, without embellishments, expect this new high single bar from brands like Gigi Barcelona and Garrett Leight.

Shape: Hexagons and octagons

The Anne et Valentin hexagonal frame has been a popular choice for our customers with a strong brow. Other brands are also stepping away from rounded edges bringing in bold angles. The octagonal option is a halfway point, more rounded than a hexagonal frame with softer edges, but still moving away from traditional frame shapes.

Brands: Gigi Barcelona

We are adding Gigi Barcelona to our range. This innovative Spanish brand has a traditional approach rather than a move towards mass production. The original drawing made by Gigi Barcelona designers is the constant reference for the artisans who sculpt the final product. The team supervises all the production phases. More than 100 steps are needed in order to produce each of Gigi Barcelona frames. Partnering with the best professionals in each specific area, they ensure that frames fulfil their main purpose: comfort, functionality and durability. Reaching the most sophisticated aesthetics is the main purpose of Gigi Barcelona’s work. At Cameron Optometry we want to bring independent designers, who have created handcrafted, unique frames to Edinburgh and Gigi Barcelona certainly does this.  

Feature: brow lines

Eyebrows are the hot topic in the beauty world, with brow bars popping up all over town. Frame are also extenuating the brow as we saw in the 1950s and 60s, either with bold corners, or an additional metallic strip along the top to build out the frame in the outer corner, creating a bold finish along the brow line.

Our eyewear boutique is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm. Please pop in to browse anytime. Our stylists are on hand to guide your selection and encourage you to experiment with new styles.

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