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Back to school eye examination

Back to school eye examination

Posted on 04th August 2017

Is your child ready for the new term? New shoes? School bag? Pencil case? Eye examination?
Most children assume that the way they see is normal so you cannot rely on them to tell you if things are wrong. Children should have their eyes examined every two years from their pre-school year. The eye test they receive in school or nursery is a test of vision, how well they see, they should still see an optometrist for a comprehensive eye examination to check they health of their eyes as well as their vision.

At Cameron Optometry we offer the most comprehensive (and fun!) eye examination available and it’s all free-of-charge. Book in with an award-winning optometrist today by calling 0131 225 2235.
You should also look out for the following:
◉ headaches and sore eyes
◉ difficulty concentrating
◉ using fingers to track text or losing their place when reading
◉ having issues with coordination for example when playing ball games
◉ squinting or closing one eye when reading or watching television
◉ showing sensitivity to light or the glare from a screen.

If you spot any of these signs, even if they aren’t due an eye examination, please book them in.

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