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The team here in the Frame Room are brimming with excitement as we have just received in a bountiful order of new styles and colours from one of our longtime favourite brands – SALT Optics. 

Based in coastal California, SALT takes inspiration from nature with the name being an acronym for Sea, Air, Land and Time – what makes up the natural world. Something that really stands out in the brand is the research undertaken to ensure the colours and components of the frames all link back to nature. Salt uses nature photographers who travel across the world for captivating images that can then be used as inspiration for the frames. One of the new colours this season is ‘Glacier’ – the acetate is a beautiful blend of icy greens and glints of warm amber against a dark, almost black background to showcase the wonderous colours of the glacial landscape in Iceland. ‘Matte Amber Glacier’ sits alongside this colour in the new collection as a rich, melting pot of browns and ambers for those looking for a warmer alternative. 


Pictured: Mayer 49 in Glacier

All of SALT’s acetate frames are made from the highest quality Japanese acetate, as well as their Aerospace grade Japanese titanium range if you are looking for a lighter option. Both the acetate and titanium frames feature impressive attention to detail with patterns reminiscent of topographic maps, featured on the sides and detailed on the titanium nose pads. 


One style we are loving is new model Campbell which is inspired by the Californian Redwood trees. These trees are known for their grand size and presence, and model Campbell attempts to recreate this with its oversized and impressive style. It is available in four colours including Matte Coastal Fog and the warmer Matte Amber Glacier. 


Pictured: Campbell in Matte Coastal Fog


Pictured: Campbell in Matte Amber Glacier

SALT does not only consider the beauty of the frames they create, but the practicality of them too. Designed by opticians, they consider how the lenses will sit in the frame to contribute to enhanced optics of the lenses.

SALT describe themselves as ‘committed to quality construction and timeless design inspired by effortless beauty’ and  this encompasses them perfectly. It is the quality you can feel and see when handling the frames, alongside the classic wearable shapes and natural colours that consistently make SALT a brand we are proud to stock. 

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