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Free examinations with children in mind

Free eye examinations for children

Our eye examinations are created with children in mind. Tailored to the age and stage of each child, they don’t even need to be able to speak for us to perform an effective eye examination. Our focus is making sure they feel at ease and enjoy the experience, while we perform the most thorough eye examination possible to give parents complete peace of mind.

It is a fun experience for children and they enjoy all the technology and measurements, particularly having the chance to see inside their own eyes. There is no need for younger children to sit up on the chair if they don’t want to. They can make themselves at home on the floor and their optometrist will join them with their ‘box of tricks’ and while they think they’re having a play, the optometrist will be busy performing the examination.

Our examinations are tailored to the age of the child. They will receive the most comprehensive (and fun!) examination available, at no cost.

We start with a discussion with you and your child about any current concerns and then establish exactly what tests are required for each child – it isn’t a one size fits all approach.

Pre-screening: during pre-screening, we use our high tech equipment to measure things like peripheral vision. We have the most advanced scanner available worldwide so can ensure we get the best possible image of your child’s eye. Children love to see the inside of their eye!

In the examination room: we look at visual acuity, how well your child sees. They may think how they see is normal so only a comprehensive eye examination will establish if that’s the case. We also look at how the eyes work together, binocular vision, which can cause issues as your child learns to read. Colour vision is also tested using a series of pictures.

Remember, it’s so much more than testing what your child can see. We also thoroughly examine the health of your child’s eyes, often spotting issues long before the child experiences any symptoms. This is why it is so important to ensure your child has an eye examination at least every two years from age four.

Next steps: If your child requires any vision correction, we have a great range of glasses available. We also fit contact lenses to children as young as seven, many opting for contact lenses for a lifestyle choice, whilst others will benefit from the specialist Myopia Management lenses.

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