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Emergency eye care for existing patients

Emergency eye care for existing patients

If you have an eye emergency such as a painful red eye, a rapid change in your vision, or are experiencing new flashing lights or floaters in your vision, then it is important that you seek advice from your optometrist. Cameron Optometry patients can access emergency eye care in the following ways.

Existing Cameron Optometry patients within practice opening hours:

If you are an existing patient of our practice and this happens within practice opening hours (Monday – Friday 9am-5.30pm), then please call us on 0131 225 2235. One of our team will take your details and ask you a series of relevant questions. You will then either be offered an appropriate appointment with an optometrist (this may not be with the optometrist you usually see) or advice will be sought from your optometrist and you will be called back. A phone call is preferable to an e-mail to ensure that it comes to the immediate attention of our team. All emergency eye care, including out-of-hours, is covered by your Vision+ membership fee. If you are not a Vision+ member, fees will apply.

Existing Cameron Optometry patients out with opening hours:

If this happens out with practice opening hours and you are a patient at Cameron Optometry, then please call the practice on 0131 225 2235 where you will hear a voice message with mobile phone numbers for our optometrists who will endeavour to take your call.

Should you not manage to contact your optometrists then we would suggest that you contact another optometry practice such as a high street chain that may be open during evenings and weekends.

Individuals who have not visited Cameron Optometry before:

We are delighted to welcome new patients to the practice. If you wish to join the practice for access to our emergency eye care, please contact us during office hours and ask for details. You can join our Vision+ direct debit scheme where you will have access to unlimited free emergency eye care, otherwise fees may apply. Unfortunately we cannot offer out-of-hours eye care to individuals who are not a member of the practice.

Emergency eye care at a local hospital:

Your final options, if you cannot see an optometrist, is to phone the minor injuries clinic at the Western General Hospital (WGH) on 0131 537 3481 between 8am and 8.30pm, or after that call NHS 24 on 111 for further advice. The minor injuries clinic at WGH have limited equipment so ask you to call them for advice before presenting to the clinic.

The Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion is closed during evenings and weekends and does not have a walk in service. Patients will be turned away if they present without a referral from an optometrist or GP.