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NHS contact lens care

NHS contact lens care

In the Lothian region, NHS contact lens care is provided on behalf of the hospital eye service, by local optical practices, including Cameron Optometry. Patients are regularly referred to us by the Princess Alexandra Eye Hospital, to provide specialist contact lenses.  

The ophthalmologists are the eye doctors who you will have already met and they will have diagnosed your eye condition and discussed their plan with you. Your ophthalmologist will ask our optometrists to provide you with specialist contact lenses and we will report our progress to them at regular intervals. We work closely with the ophthalmologists as a team to look after your eyes and give you the best possible vision.  

We deal with a large number of patients who require contact lenses for numerous eye conditions and have specialist experience in this area. Read more about the range of conditions we treat here.  

Your appointments 

Meeting your optometrist: Your eye doctor at the hospital will refer you to us and once we receive that referral we will contact you to make your first appointment. Your initial appointment at Cameron Optometry will be with one of our optometrists. Our optometrists are specially trained to fit contact lenses for patients with complex eye conditions so you will be in safe hands.  You can find out more about our team of optometrists here.  

At your first appointment, your optometrist will explain your eye condition to you and may give you information to take away to read at your leisure. They will also take various measurements of your eyes to help determine if you are suitable for contact lenses and which type of lenses are the best for you. 

Your second appointment is a fitting appointment and will involve identifying the exact shape and size of lens your eye needs by trying some template lenses or making calculations from more measurements and hopefully by the end of this visit, we are able to order your custom-made lenses. Typically, the third visit involves an assessment of your custom-made lenses on your eye and your first handling appointment in which you will be taught to apply, remove and care for your lenses confidently.  

Moving forward we will continue to see you at regular intervals and ensure you have the best possible vision, comfort and eye health from the lenses. 

Your contact lens support team: The support we provide doesn’t stop with your optometrist. We have a wonderfully caring clinical support team that has taught hundreds of adults and children to handle contact lenses. They are hugely supportive and some have training in coping with anxiety, so will work through any barriers you might face.   

On the recommendation of the optometrist, they will teach you how to manage your lenses, including all aspects of inserting, removing and caring for them. We are all here to help and if that means several appointments with one of the support team, then we are more than happy to provide this. We know how much you will benefit from wearing the contact lenses so will give you all the support we can to ensure you adapt to them successfully.   

We have created this video which you may wish to watch before you visit so you can get a feel for the practice.  

Cost of your care: Although we are an independent, private practice, we carry out this work on behalf of the NHS which covers the cost of all your appointments and heavily subsidises the cost of the lenses. Under the scheme, you pay a Government-set standard contribution of £57 per lens, unless you are under 19 and in full-time education, or on certain benefits (more information will be provided at your first appointment). In some areas, contact lenses will be supplied in hospital clinics, but in Edinburgh this service is carried out in the community. In both situations the costs are the same. 

As these appointments are being carried out on behalf of the Eye Hospital, you should be able to get time away from work, in the same way if you were attending hospital for any other treatment. If there are any problems, we can help your employer to understand the system of providing care to you. 

Please do get in touch with any questions you might have. You can call us on 0131 225 2235 or email vision@cameronoptom.com. We look forward to welcoming you to the practice.  

Further information before you visit