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Contact lenses for babies

NHS Lothian contact lens care for babies & young children

When children have had cataract surgery the natural lens of their eye is removed which means that they require either spectacles or contact lenses to give them good vision. In Lothian region NHS contact lens care is provided on behalf of the hospital eye service by Cameron Optometry. 

We have been providing hospital contact lens care for over 30 years. Although we are a community practice all your eye care costs are covered by the NHS so you will never pay anything to come to the practice or for your child’s contact lenses. 

Your eye doctor at the hospital eye department will refer you to us and once we receive that referral we will contact you to make your first appointment.

Our practice is based in an old Georgian town house and feels very much like a home inside rather than a hospital. There are lots of toys and colouring books for the children and plenty of space in the rooms for parents, brothers and sisters. 

Where to find us: Cameron Optometry, 5 St Vincent Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6SW. Tel 0131 225 2235 

Finding us

There are places to park near to the practice and we are well served by public transport: 

By car: there are ‘pay and display’ spaces located in Heriot Row, North West Circus, Circus Place and Cumberland Street. We recommend that you allow at least an hour for your first visit. 

On foot: from Princes Street, follow Frederick Street, crossing over George Street and Queen Street, and down Howe Street towards the church at the bottom of the hill. The practice is on the left hand side just before the church. 

By bus: from Stockbridge, alight beside Patisserie Florentine and turn left on to North West Circus Place, follow the road around and take a left again onto St Vincent Street, the practice is on the left. (Lothian buses 24, 29 and 42) 

By bus: from Dundas Street, alight near Cumberland Street and walk west along the road to where it joins St Vincent Street, turn left and the practice is on the other side of the road. (Lothian buses 23 and 27) 

By train: from Haymarket, leave the main entrance walk towards Princes Street take a left onto Frederick Street. Follow Frederick Street, crossing over George Street and Queen Street, down Howe Street towards the church at the bottom of the hill. The practice is on the left hand side just before the church. 

By train: from Waverley, choose an exit leading to Princes Street, on Princes Street, walk west (gardens to your left) until you reach Frederick Street. Follow Frederick Street, crossing over George Street and Queen Street, head down Howe Street towards the church at the bottom of the hill. The practice is on the left hand side just before the church. 


We would suggest you allow 30-45 minutes for your appointment if you are parking the car. 


A portable ramp is available for wheelchair users or buggies. It is helpful, but not essential, to give us advance notice if this is required. There are two steps with railings on either side to enter the practice and one step into the main vestibule. The main consulting, screening and dispensing rooms are located on the ground floor, with two further consulting rooms on the first floor. If it’s better for you to be seen on the ground floor, just let us know.

Opening hours

Monday – Friday 9am-5.30pm

Emergency phone numbers

Your optometrist will provide you with an emergency phone number that you can speak to someone if your child has a contact lens problem out of our opening hours.

Your Team 

Ophthalmologists at the hospital

Dr Mary Macrae and Dr Conrad Schmoll

The ophthalmologists are the eye doctors who you will have already met on a number of occasions.  They will have diagnosed your child’s eye condition and will have started their treatment or performed surgery for them. Your ophthalmologist has asked the optometrists at Cameron Optometry to provide your child with contact lenses or spectacles, but you and your child will continue to see the ophthalmologists on a regular basis. 

Optometrists at Cameron Optometry

Gillian Bruce, Ian Cameron, Heather Grandon, Claire Keith

Our optometrists, often known as opticians, are specially trained to fit contact lenses to children’s eyes. At your child’s appointment they will check that the contact lens fits properly, is clean, and is the correct power for them. They can check this in babies by using gentle lights to look into the eyes. They will often check the pressure of the eye and can look to see if there is any redness, stickiness or swelling in the eyes. Their job is primarily to deal with the contact lenses and they will be in regular contact with your eye doctor about this. All of the optometrists are trained to fit children’s contact lenses and you may see different optometrists depending on availability and on which day of the week you attend the practice. 

Children’s contact lens specialist at Cameron Optometry

Heather Muir is an optical assistant at the practice who has trained in children’s anxiety issues and has taught hundreds of adults, children and families to insert contact lenses. On the recommendation of the optometrist Heather will teach families to handle contact lenses and as children get older she will introduce them to the idea of handling contact lenses for themselves. 

RNIB Eye Clinic Support Service

Elaine Renouf and Jo Hill

Elaine and Jo are based on level 3 of the Princess Alexandra Eye pavilion and are there to support families of children with eye conditions. 

Tel: 0131 536 3332


You will no doubt have lots of questions about the contact lenses before your first visit so do write them down and there will be time to discuss them with the team at your first appointment. We will be in touch with you soon to make that appointment and really look forward to welcoming you to the practice.

Further information

For further information, please download our frequently asked questions document. Baby Lenses FAQ

Baby Lenses Information