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Examinations with children in mind

Eye examinations for children

It is a fun experience for children and they enjoy all the technology and measurements, particularly having the chance to see inside their own eyes. Our examinations are tailored to the age of the child using specialised equipment so they do not have to be able to read or talk to be able to perform an eye examination. There is no need for younger children to sit up on the chair if they don’t want to. They can make themselves at home on the floor and their optometrist will join them with their ‘box of tricks’ and while they think they’re having a play, the optometrist will be busy performing the examination.

Watch this video to find out exactly what you and your child can expect when visiting our practice.

Our examinations are tailored to the age of the child. They will receive the most comprehensive (and fun!) examination available, at no cost.

History and symptoms

A discussion with you and your child about any current worries or needs, ensuring they feel totally at ease. We have plenty toys and magazines to help to entertain them.


Using our high tech equipment to measure:

Visual fields – assessment of your peripheral vision usually using a specially designed machine, however this can also be performed by wiggling fingers in the right place!

Inside the eye – using the various scans and scanners but also using the slit lamp and a handheld lens to do this manually.

In the examination room

Visual acuity – measurement of vision at a distance and up close for reading. For children who can’t read, we may use shapes and matching games.

Refraction – measurement of glasses (or contact lenses) prescription including specific tests for long and short sightedness as well as measuring any astigmatism.

Binocular vision assessment – various tests and measures to see how eyes are working together as a pair and check the prescription is ‘balanced’. Includes a range of fun tests for children.

Pupil reactions

Slit Lamp – microscopic exam of lids/lashes/cornea and front surface and chamber of the eye

Colour vision – to check for any colour deficiency by looking at pictures in a book.

Discussion of findings

We explain things as we go through but summarise at the end the main findings and recommendations. We always ensure there is plenty of time to ask questions. You will never be rushed and we hope you will leave with a great deal of reassurance.

Next steps

If your child requires any vision correction, we have a great range of glasses available. We also fit contact lenses to children as young as seven, many opting for contact lenses for a lifestyle choice, whilst others will benefit from the specialist Myopia Management lenses.

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