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Could coloured lenses help your child at school?

Could coloured lenses help your child at school?

Posted on 02nd September 2021

Often when children are reluctant readers, it is that they find reading uncomfortable, perhaps experiencing the print moving or jumping around the page or appearing blurred. They may also miss or skip words, and many will avoid reading when they can.
Tinted lenses can make vision more comfortable, eliminating these issues. Although the tint in the lens does not always solve the reason for the visual issues in the first place, it can immediately help make using vision easier and less stressful, often improving visual performance at school and work straight away.
We have the very latest in colorimetry technology, the Cerium Curve. If a tint is found to be beneficial, a precision tinted lens can be individually designed for you using sophisticated computer screening.
Tinted lenses are often combined with vision therapy as, in some cases, coloured lenses will help but may not cure the root of the issue, so you may wish to book your child in for an appointment with our behavioural optometrist for a specialist vision assessment where the reasons for the visual stress or visual issues will be investigated and vision therapy will give long term benefits and solutions.
You can book your child in whether they are a patient at the practice or not. A colorimetry appointment lasts about 30 minutes and costs £40. You can book by calling 0131 225 2235 or emailing

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