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Sunshine in May means the B.C.L.A.

08th June 2013

So goes the old optometrists' wives tale meaning that May brings around the annual British Contact Lens Association Clinical Conference which almost always combines with a good weather weekend. This i...

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Another UK contact lens first

13th November 2012

Cameron Optometry is one of the leading contact lens practices in the UK and as a result, we're often among the first to get to try new lenses. Yesterday we became the first Private practice in the UK...

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Waterford round table meeting

22nd October 2012

A couple of weeks ago Ian took part in a round table discussion with industry leaders regarding a new lens from Bausch + Lomb in Waterford, Ireland - BioTrue. Taking the same name as the popular solu...

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Advice about swimming in contact lenses

05th September 2012

The risks of swimming with contact lenses are causing a stir in the media following the case of Jennie Hurst. Jennie was featured in the Daily Mail talking about how she lost vision in her left eye af...

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Honey cures eight year blepharitis

26th July 2012

Click here for our latest information on our blepharitis treatments. It's hard to know how to respond to this one but apparently a 99p jar of honey from Tesco has cured an eight-year misery case of b...

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‘First in the world’ new lenses

30th May 2012

Because we've been specialising in contact lenses for longer than just about everyone else we're quite often invited to try out new lenses on our loyal and experienced patients. Ian recently went down...

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RGPs just keep on going

17th April 2012

One of our loyal patients today brought in this little bit of history at her annual check up: her first ever lens case, holder and 'sucker' we gave her back in 1976. It also still had the original len...

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Pentagon orders heads up display lenses

13th April 2012

BBC News reports that the Pentagon have ordered a special type of contact lens incorporating dual focus optics which allows the wearer to view a heads-up display whilst maintaining normal vision. The...

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Elephant fitted with contact lenses

29th March 2012

Animals and contact lenses aren't a new combination, but and Amsterdam elephant is one of the largest animals ever fitted with a contact lens in Europe. Win Thida suffered a nasty scratch on her corn...

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Contact Lens could monitor glaucoma

05th December 2011

Material scientists at University of California have created a special contact lens with a bulit-in eye pressure monitoring device. The lens could be worn by glaucoma sufferers to allow accurate and...

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