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When a deal isn’t a good deal

01st December 2014

After a frantic weekend of shopping for many, which kicked off with Black Friday, hoards of people have taken the quest for a deal to extremes. Now as we enter Cyber Monday, there appears to be little...

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Caring for your lenses

20th September 2014

World renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital has recently launched a campaign to encourage contact lens wearers to ensure they take care of their eyes. The hospital has seen a marked increase in cases of ey...

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A smart fit for diabetics

17th July 2014

As many of you know, one of our specialisms here is contact lenses so when stories come out about new developments, we all gather round with our morning coffee to discuss. Yesterday’s news regarding...

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Vision for the competitive edge

30th June 2014

Watching the England vs. Uruguay match following the decisive goal from Luis Suarez I heard one of the commentators saying “Suarez sees things that bit quicker than anyone else.” Perhaps his compe...

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Lenses for the smallest of eyes

30th April 2014

Many of my patients will know contact lenses are a passion of mine. Most of my patients have straightforward prescriptions with some requiring more specialist products. However a small number of our p...

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London’s first eye show – showcasing industry innovation

20th February 2014

This month I attended 100% Optical, the UK's inaugural eye show at London's ExCeL. Thousands of eye enthusiasts congregated for three days of displays, conferences, fashion events and workshops. Coinc...

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A vending machine for lenses? No thank you.

05th February 2014

Vending machines are great. You're thirsty or desperate for a quick snack in the middle of a busy day and there in the corner of your eye is a vending machine. Ideal. A pound coin in, a can of juic...

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Lensplates now available in the UK

31st January 2014

This is a one for all our optometrist readers. It's one of those times when you think "why hasn't anyone thought of this before now?" During contact lens exams when patients remove their contacts, ...

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Contact lens specialist symposium 2013

08th October 2013

Cameron Optometry were invited to attend the first CLSS specialist contact lens symposium in London last weekend. World leading experts , and great speakers such as Pat Caroline, Randy Kojima, and Ee...

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Hidden benefits of contact lenses

23rd July 2013

With yesterday officially being the hottest day of the year so far, and dare I say it, the good weather predicted to last into August, It is perhaps the first summer in many that we have had to think ...

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