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London 2012 – the countdown begins…

27th June 2012

The first of Gillian's blog posts from the Olympic front-line as she volunteers in the health clinic as an optometrist during the 2012 Games. Would love to post some pictures of my weekend in London b...

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NHS Managers rationing cataract surgery

21st June 2012

Local NHS management boards are restricting cataract surgery in an effort to save money, the RNIB has found. This story has been on the news quite a bit over the last few days and cataract surgery isn...

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‘First in the world’ new lenses

30th May 2012

Because we've been specialising in contact lenses for longer than just about everyone else we're quite often invited to try out new lenses on our loyal and experienced patients. Ian recently went down...

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New Styles – Bevel

08th May 2012

Timeless design,
 Innovative use of colour and quality of materials. It was these features that initially enticed us towards Bevel, but It wasn’t until we had them in our hands in Milan, or in fa...

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RGPs just keep on going

17th April 2012

One of our loyal patients today brought in this little bit of history at her annual check up: her first ever lens case, holder and 'sucker' we gave her back in 1976. It also still had the original len...

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Milan: MIDO Day 2

12th March 2012

Another jam packed and very productive day at MIDO. Exciting new frames coming to Edinburgh soon Today was more about refining what we saw yesterday and going back to see things again to really be sur...

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Milan: MIDO day 1

11th March 2012

Day 1 at MIDO is over. The scale of this place is incredible. The picture below is only 1 of the 5 pavilions filled with the latest frames from around the world We're finding the Scandinavians have mo...

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Gillian to represent UK at the Olympics

09th March 2012

Sort of...   Eighteen months ago over a quarter of a million people applied to be volunteers at the London 2012 Olympics. The numbers were whittled down over a course of interviews and in Dece...

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15 minutes of fame

09th March 2012

Ian has hit the big time with cover picture and interview for Optician magazine! This is the industry magazine with a small but dedicated readership of optometrists and optical workers. Ian was interv...

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Milan: The glasses capital of the world

06th March 2012

This weekend Ian, Heather and Gillian are jetting off to the annual MIDO glasses frames conferences in Milan. MIDO takes over 6 huge pavilions of Fieramilano, one of the largest exhibition centres in ...

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