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London 2012 – No news is good news

26th July 2012

Two days off but back with avengance tomorrow. 270 boxing medicals to be done by 9am!...

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Eye test ignorance widespread…(except at CO)

24th July 2012

Bausch & Lomb (a contact lens manufacturer) has released some details about people's attitude to eye examinations which makes quite sad reading if you're an optometrist. 63% of people in the sur...

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London 2012 – ‘Lazy’ Sunday

23rd July 2012

What a great day. Perhaps it was a combination of it being a Sunday, and the sun shining but the clinic was a bit quiter for everyone. The stats thus far are that of 199 patients in the polyclinic 120...

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London 2012 – First impressions

22nd July 2012

Well if this is the Olympic eye clinic at 40% capacity then I'm very afraid! Word has obviously spread around the early arrivers and the reception that the optometrists are sharing with the dentists i...

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Smartphone for visually impaired

13th July 2012

A smartphone designed by a and for visually impaired people has gone on sale. The system called Georgie (named after the couple's first guide dog) use the latest voice assisted touchscreen technology ...

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13cm live worm removed from eye

12th July 2012

Don't worry, there are no pictures in this post and the eye in question belongs to a man in Mumbai so no where round here. It sounds like an old wives tales, but this one is actually true. 75 year old...

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Corneal Crosslinking info now available

09th July 2012

Our full length introduction and explanation of Corneal Crosslinking is available on our website. This relatively new procedure is becoming quite popular and it can be hard to find reliable informatio...

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Steam goggles 2.0

08th July 2012

First there was (and still is) Blephasteam but now there is the catchily named Panasonic Memoto Este ES-SW50. [gallery columns="2" orderby="title"] Using heated steam the system helps to open blocke...

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Sony demo new anti-glare coating

06th July 2012

Sony have shown off a new type of coating which virtually eliminates glare from touchscreens. Now I don't want to be a pedant about things but it's not strictly speaking 'glare' and also there is no s...

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London 2012 – More details for the interested

04th July 2012

The College of Optometrists has announced some more details about where Gillian will be working during London 2012 games. The details of who is working there are also included - adding to Gillian's 1...

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