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2nd Edinburgh Keratoconus Group meeting

17th November 2012

The Keratoconus Group is resourcing and self help group for people with keratoconus. Cameron Optometry has long been a supporter and we have often travelled to Glasgow to attend and speak at meetings....

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Another UK contact lens first

13th November 2012

Cameron Optometry is one of the leading contact lens practices in the UK and as a result, we're often among the first to get to try new lenses. Yesterday we became the first Private practice in the UK...

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AAO Phoenix 2012 – Day 3: A tale of 2 weather systems

27th October 2012

I kid you not, this is the weather in Phoenix. It's hard to beleive it is almost November - I dread to think what it's like here in summer. In fact it's hard to believe it's on the same planet heated ...

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AAO 2012 Phoenix – Day 1: A nerd’s paradise

25th October 2012

If you love eyes, AAO is like Nirvana. Is your chance to be as nerdy as you like about eyes and no one thinks you're weird or boring! I only made it to 4am before I was wide awake but fortunately had ...

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American Academy of Optometry 2012 – Phoenix, AZ

23rd October 2012

1 hour to London and then 10 hours to Phoenix. It's a long way to travel but if you are serious about getting access to the best optometry education in the world, it's got to be America and it's got t...

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Waterford round table meeting

22nd October 2012

A couple of weeks ago Ian took part in a round table discussion with industry leaders regarding a new lens from Bausch + Lomb in Waterford, Ireland - BioTrue. Taking the same name as the popular solu...

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AAO 2012 Phoenix – Day 2: A view into the future

02nd October 2012

Well day 2 has been even better than day 1 although it was another 4am start. I'm like a kid in a sweet shop, there are so many interesting lectures I'm having a hard time choosing. I opted for "What'...

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Dorothy Cameron 05/05/54 – 05/09/12

09th September 2012

Many of you will already know but I am sad to annouce the death of Donald's wife (and my mum) Dorothy Cameron. Dorothy was a big part of the business for many years, developing and running in particul...

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Long eyes less likely to have diabetic retinopathy

09th September 2012

Finally some good news for the short sighted as people with long axial lengths (that is the length of the eyeball, front to back) are less likely to suffer from diabetic eye disease. Myopia or shortsi...

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Glaucoma plugs could stop the need for drops

08th September 2012

A trial of a new method of delivering glaucoma medication by using a slow release punctum plug has started. Glaucoma usually requires patients to permanently take drops once or twice a day to reduce p...

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