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Virtual reality glasses could help MS sufferers

08th November 2011

Scientists in Israel have developed a pair of high-tech spectacles that can help sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinsons walk again. An electronic device fitted to the patient's belt transmits ...

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Retinal transplants could restore sight to the blind

06th November 2011

Cell transplants to restore the sight of blind people could start within a decade, according to researchers who have successfully implanted light-sensitive cells into mice. The first successful transp...

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Artificial corneas within sight

05th October 2011

Chemical engineers at Stanford University have developed a material which they say could be used in the eye as an artificial cornea. The material called "Duoptix" is made of 80% water (a similar propo...

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Nano techonlogy could help glaucoma

05th September 2011

Nano particles based on cerium oxide - a compound commonly found in household cleaning products are being used in a new treatment to help relieve the symptoms of Glaucoma....

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