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Micro telescopic implant restores vision

18th December 2011

Beryl Haskew who suffers from age related macular degeneration (AMD) has had her vision partially restored using pioneering new surgery to implant a miniature telescope in her eye. Prior to the IOL...

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Self repairing retina

17th December 2011

Researchers at Moorfields Eye Hospital and University College London have discovered a way to repair damaged cells in the retina. After trials on rats scientists now hope to develop treatments for con...

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Contact Lens could monitor glaucoma

05th December 2011

Material scientists at University of California have created a special contact lens with a bulit-in eye pressure monitoring device. The lens could be worn by glaucoma sufferers to allow accurate and...

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Ears could hold the secret to bionic eye

02nd December 2011

Researchers in Australia are using cochlear ear implant technology to develop a bionic eye that could help restore the sight of millions of people who are registered blind. The technology uses electro...

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FDA panel hears from dissatisfied LASIK patients

28th November 2011

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has convened a special panel to hear from patients following concerns about patient satisfaction with LASIK. The meeting discussed the experiences of patients...

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Protein injection could hold key to treating AMD

25th November 2011

Scientists believe that injecting the protein Robo4 into the eye could prevent, and even reverse, symptoms of age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. Trials on mice at the Unive...

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Bionic vision within sight

22nd November 2011

Scientists at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers' international conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems have presented for the first time a contact lens-based virtual display...

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50p pill could prevent diabetic retinopathy

20th November 2011

A pill costing just 50 pence a day could prevent diabetic retinopathy, a potentially sight threatening complication of diabetes. Scientists in in Australia have just completed a study involving 10,00...

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Laser eye scan could predict Alzheimer’s

18th November 2011

A simple eye test is being developed to detect early signs of the onset of Alzheimer's disease. The test will look for signs of a build up of the protein beta amyloid in the eye. Neuroptix, the compan...

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Glaucoma – an early warning sign of Alzheimer’s?

10th November 2011

Scientists at University College London have discovered a potential link between glaucoma and Alzheimer's. The researchers discovered that the presence of beta-amyloid proteins are key triggers in b...

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